WELCOME TO EDUCAFE – Come in, help yourself to a drink and a snack and join in!

You have landed at the Wairarapa Educafe.

This is a place where issues of education are dissected and discussed.

It is open to everyone. You do not have to be a teacher, lecturer etc to be part of this.

Educafe will be about all aspects of education, including early childhood, schooling, tertiary education and lifelong learning.

Wairarapa REAP is hosting these discussions, which are aimed to take place at least once a term.

We hope you will participate in our face to face events. These events will be posted here and the theme of each discussion which is decided by the EduCafe group at the conclusion of each event. These evenings are free to attend.

You can also take part in discussions through comments on the Blog page.

Please register above or at this link for catering purposes.